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Garage Flooring - Polished Concrete Floors

Posted by Chris Watkins on Thursday, 07 Mar 2013 3:00 PM

As the decorative concrete world expands, so do home improvement options including our Polished Concrete flooring.  No flooring option offers no maintenance, but polished concrete does offer homeowners and businesses with a low maintenance and beautiful floor finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

 Tired of looking at that unsightly garage floor?

Additionally, Polished concrete can utilize stain and polishing options to make your garage, basement or other entertainment space truly unique.  Imagine preparing the concrete surface to expose the aggregate and then staining and burnishing in the sealer for a truly tough finish that looks great.

Recently, we posted a gallery on our Facebook site to highlight a commercial job for an auto accessories showroom in Urban Portland.  The client was really pleased with the outcome and ease of maintenance over the previous carpeting.

polished concrete flooring

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