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Garage Organization - Shoe Clutter Solutions

Posted by Chris Watkins on Monday, 27 Oct 2014 6:57 AM

Recently, we did a garage cabinet design and installation for a client and when your a family of six with four small children, you can imagine that shoe clutter can be a little crazy in their household.  They had recently moved into their new home and I really appreciated moms commitment to finding the ultimate shoe storage solution.

Do You Need Help Finding Your Shoes?

Just think about it, considering the dozen or more pairs of shoes and the fact that mom and dad have a few pairs too, having a place for kids to remove and store their shoes can take a load off moms list of to-do's the next time she's rushing out the door with family.  Imagine being able to go to one place to find the shoes.

Now of course mom and dad are on the hook for teaching the kids where to put the shoes, but that is the beauty of it all - having a place that can handle all those shoes and in a way that makes sense for the whole family.  Today, when you consider so many families enter the house through the garage, having a shoe storage solution near the garage entry door into the home makes total sense.

Now having shoe storage is one thing, but mom wanted all those tiny shoes hidden behind doors so that the garage would retain that unclutered feel!  Enter Redline Garage Gear - Redline makes it easy for garage outfitters like us, as we have so many ways to customize a solution to specific client needs.

Shoe Storage Cabinet

This cabinet unit allowed us to fit our adjustable shoe shelfs inside a garage cabinet.  Notice how the fixed bottom allows additional height for storage work and outdoor boots dad.  A few doors completed this solution and helps to keep the totally uncluttered function and appearance of the garage.  Mom can also be happy knowing that all those little feet are nice clean socks as they enter the house!

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