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Did Garage Organization Make It Into Your Stocking?

Posted by Amanda Johnston on Saturday, 02 Jan 2016 9:35 AM

Kick Clutter to the Curb with Garage Cabinetry and Shelving

The garage is often used as a catch-all for storing many of the items that don’t easily fit in other places in the home or yard. Closet storage, tools, lawn maintenance equipment, and even car parts may end up in the garage. With all of this clutter taking up space, the garage often becomes an eye sore that is not used for anything constructive. Adding cabinetry and shelving-and getting unnecessary items out-can help you kick clutter to the curb and transform your garage into a beautiful, workable space.

100_5504.jpgSelect Cabinets That Fit Your Needs

Garage cabinets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so it is possible to choose cabinets that perfectly fit your needs. Cabinets can help you to keep all lawn maintenance equipment behind closed doors and out of sight, or organize your tools like a professional. Cabinets can also be a great home for shoes if your garage is attached to your home (especially in places with messy winters.) Cabinetry may also sit flush underneath a workbench or help to create a workspace. Be picky when selecting your cabinets.

Place and Use Shelves Wisely

Shelves can be used to clean up the garage, but they must be used strategically. Since shelves are open and show their contents, the garage may still look cluttered and unsightly if the wrong items are placed on shelves. Using shelves to store things like tackle boxes, boxed tool sets, paint cans, and other neatly contained items can help to clear the clutter from the floor, improve organization, and keep the garage looking tidy.

Sort and Discard Clutter

When cabinets and shelves have been added to the garage, it usually becomes much easier to sort through the items in the garage. It is important to be selective in what you choose to keep: if it has been in the garage for a full year and you haven’t used it, you should most likely get rid of it. Keeping a large trash bin nearby when going through the garage can make it easier for you to get rid of items that you might otherwise second guess. Try to create a home for everything so that nothing is left on the floor.

Banish Storage to Other Areas

Many items that end up in the garage could be stored elsewhere. If you’re in the Central Florida area and looking to prevent garage overflow by organizing inside your home first, Orlando custom closets may be a great option. Toys, clothes, holiday decorations, and cleaning supplies may be better suited to indoor closets where they will be used more often.

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