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Garage Cabinets Portland - 2013 the year for Man Caves

Posted by Chris Watkins on Friday, 19 Apr 2013 4:33 PM

I have been laughing at myself lately as clearly the Garage Enhancement industry is continuing to trend toward design and installation of truly unique havens within home and business.

Why do I laugh you say?  Well, when Garage Themes was born back in 2007, our tagline was "Your Exclusive Garage Outfitter."  That continued to evolve into our current tagline of "The Possibilities are Endless..."  Trust me, they are when it comes to storage and organization.  

Does Your Man Cave Need Our Help?

But that isn't what has me laughing, actually it is more of a smile - when I talk with clients and potential clients, I simply say, we build Man Caves.  It never fails to get a smile or a chuckle out of someone.  The reason is simple - People can really relate to the concept of having a special place all their own - somewhere they can escape or hang out with family and friends and Man Caves is one metaphor that has really captured that perspective in the minds of many all over the country.

Man Caves

The Garage Enhancement industry is starting to mature and more importantly, shows like Man Caves, Garage Mahal and a host of others show off what is possible with spaces that are often unused or under utilized.  These are not always a garage, but are often among homes built in the last 30 years.

So it has become, building a Man Cave is what we do and customers really love it and we love building these places and spaces too!  When I look at the project horizon, I think Man Caves and Gal Lair's are the big home improvements for 2013.  Being the exclusive agent for Redline Garage Gear in the Portland Metropolitan area has sure helped and given us the opportunity to offer garage cabinets among many other offerings to build that awesome man cave or other truly unique space.

Here's to your Man Cave in 2013!

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