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Did Garage Organization Make It Into Your Stocking?

Posted by Amanda Johnston on Saturday, 02 Jan 2016 9:35 AM

Kick Clutter to the Curb with Garage Cabinetry and Shelving

The garage is often used as a catch-all for storing many of the items that don’t easily fit in other places in the home or yard. Closet storage, tools, lawn maintenance equipment, and even car parts may end up in the garage. With all of this clutter taking up space, the garage often becomes an eye sore that is not used for anything constructive. Adding cabinetry and shelving-and getting unnecessary items out-can help you kick clutter to the curb and transform your garage into a beautiful, workable space.

100_5504.jpgSelect Cabinets That Fit Your Needs

Garage cabinets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so it is possible to choose cabinets that perfectly fit your needs. Cabinets can help you to keep all lawn maintenance equipment behind closed doors and out of sight, or organize your tools like a professional. Cabinets can also be a great home for shoes if your garage is attached to your home (especially in places with messy winters.) Cabinetry may also sit flush underneath a workbench or help to create a workspace. Be picky when selecting your cabinets.

Place and Use Shelves Wisely

Shelves can be used to clean up the garage, but they must be used strategically. Since shelves are open and show their contents, the garage may still look cluttered and unsightly if the wrong items are placed on shelves. Using shelves to store things like tackle boxes, boxed tool sets, paint cans, and other neatly contained items can help to clear the clutter from the floor, improve organization, and keep the garage looking tidy.

Sort and Discard Clutter

When cabinets and shelves have been added to the garage, it usually becomes much easier to sort through the items in the garage. It is important to be selective in what you choose to keep: if it has been in the garage for a full year and you haven’t used it, you should most likely get rid of it. Keeping a large trash bin nearby when going through the garage can make it easier for you to get rid of items that you might otherwise second guess. Try to create a home for everything so that nothing is left on the floor.

Banish Storage to Other Areas

Many items that end up in the garage could be stored elsewhere. If you’re in the Central Florida area and looking to prevent garage overflow by organizing inside your home first, Orlando custom closets may be a great option. Toys, clothes, holiday decorations, and cleaning supplies may be better suited to indoor closets where they will be used more often.

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Garage Organization - Shoe Clutter Solutions

Posted by Chris Watkins on Monday, 27 Oct 2014 6:57 AM

Recently, we did a garage cabinet design and installation for a client and when your a family of six with four small children, you can imagine that shoe clutter can be a little crazy in their household.  They had recently moved into their new home and I really appreciated moms commitment to finding the ultimate shoe storage solution.

Do You Need Help Finding Your Shoes?

Just think about it, considering the dozen or more pairs of shoes and the fact that mom and dad have a few pairs too, having a place for kids to remove and store their shoes can take a load off moms list of to-do's the next time she's rushing out the door with family.  Imagine being able to go to one place to find the shoes.

Now of course mom and dad are on the hook for teaching the kids where to put the shoes, but that is the beauty of it all - having a place that can handle all those shoes and in a way that makes sense for the whole family.  Today, when you consider so many families enter the house through the garage, having a shoe storage solution near the garage entry door into the home makes total sense.

Now having shoe storage is one thing, but mom wanted all those tiny shoes hidden behind doors so that the garage would retain that unclutered feel!  Enter Redline Garage Gear - Redline makes it easy for garage outfitters like us, as we have so many ways to customize a solution to specific client needs.

Shoe Storage Cabinet

This cabinet unit allowed us to fit our adjustable shoe shelfs inside a garage cabinet.  Notice how the fixed bottom allows additional height for storage work and outdoor boots dad.  A few doors completed this solution and helps to keep the totally uncluttered function and appearance of the garage.  Mom can also be happy knowing that all those little feet are nice clean socks as they enter the house!

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Tackling your Garage Organization Project

Posted by Chris Watkins on Tuesday, 11 Mar 2014 10:14 AM

It's often this time of year when homeowners start seeing those glimmer of sun rays beconing springtime to move faster.  Yet, with spring sometimes brings the garage blues.  Our mission has also been to turn unusable spaces, particularly garages, into useful, organized and attractive centers that can be used by all family members.  

Before garage makeover

The challenge for many, however, is simply getting started.  It is easy to put things off only to wake up next spring and realize you have the same problem.  So why not take on that garage project, get some help from friends, family and industry professionals that can help you make your garage phobia turn into an awesome space within your home.

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After garage makeover

Following is a link to a great article from Elizabeth Jones, a professional organizer, to help you get your project started today!  Metropolitan Organizing  Her article really puts a human factor to the challenges many of us face when contemplating a garage organization project.  

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Garage Cabinets Portland - 2013 the year for Man Caves

Posted by Chris Watkins on Friday, 19 Apr 2013 4:33 PM

I have been laughing at myself lately as clearly the Garage Enhancement industry is continuing to trend toward design and installation of truly unique havens within home and business.

Why do I laugh you say?  Well, when Garage Themes was born back in 2007, our tagline was "Your Exclusive Garage Outfitter."  That continued to evolve into our current tagline of "The Possibilities are Endless..."  Trust me, they are when it comes to storage and organization.  

Does Your Man Cave Need Our Help?

But that isn't what has me laughing, actually it is more of a smile - when I talk with clients and potential clients, I simply say, we build Man Caves.  It never fails to get a smile or a chuckle out of someone.  The reason is simple - People can really relate to the concept of having a special place all their own - somewhere they can escape or hang out with family and friends and Man Caves is one metaphor that has really captured that perspective in the minds of many all over the country.

Man Caves

The Garage Enhancement industry is starting to mature and more importantly, shows like Man Caves, Garage Mahal and a host of others show off what is possible with spaces that are often unused or under utilized.  These are not always a garage, but are often among homes built in the last 30 years.

So it has become, building a Man Cave is what we do and customers really love it and we love building these places and spaces too!  When I look at the project horizon, I think Man Caves and Gal Lair's are the big home improvements for 2013.  Being the exclusive agent for Redline Garage Gear in the Portland Metropolitan area has sure helped and given us the opportunity to offer garage cabinets among many other offerings to build that awesome man cave or other truly unique space.

Here's to your Man Cave in 2013!

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Garage Flooring - Polished Concrete Floors

Posted by Chris Watkins on Thursday, 07 Mar 2013 3:00 PM

As the decorative concrete world expands, so do home improvement options including our Polished Concrete flooring.  No flooring option offers no maintenance, but polished concrete does offer homeowners and businesses with a low maintenance and beautiful floor finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

 Tired of looking at that unsightly garage floor?

Additionally, Polished concrete can utilize stain and polishing options to make your garage, basement or other entertainment space truly unique.  Imagine preparing the concrete surface to expose the aggregate and then staining and burnishing in the sealer for a truly tough finish that looks great.

Recently, we posted a gallery on our Facebook site to highlight a commercial job for an auto accessories showroom in Urban Portland.  The client was really pleased with the outcome and ease of maintenance over the previous carpeting.

polished concrete flooring

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Garage Organization - Kick Starting Your New Years Project!

Posted by Chris Watkins on Friday, 11 Jan 2013 9:26 AM

I wanted to share an article from our friends up North., a fellow Redline Garage Gear dealer, in Toronto, Ontario had some great insights into garage organization and I wanted to share it with our readers.  customers redline garage cabinets resized 600Our own customers have tackled garage organization projects in the fall season and we often see that as a precursor to planning and organization into the New Year.  (i.e., stay tuned as we have some major garage makeovers getting ready to kickoff for the New Year).

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Following is article.  Be sure to checkout the related links for ideas on your next project.

"Autumn is Garage Season too!

September 28, 2012

We often think of Spring as the time of year to focus on the Garage, as it’s when you start spending more time outside, and many of the things associated with the outdoors - gardening tools, sporting goods and bicycles - get stored in the Garage. Well, it follows then that as the weather cools, things start going away to nest for the winter (not to mention that soon it will be time to deal with snow shovels - yes, I know).  We’re working at the moment on a couple of garage projects that we hope to share with you all soon.

There was a great article that made the newspapers this week with some fantastic tips to help you get your garage ready for the seasonal change. Even before considering what sort of system may be best for you, it’s a great idea to sort and purge what’s in there - no sense in organizing something you don’t need to keep - and sorting and grouping your things will make it that much easier to plan your next step.

The full article is here. Here’s the recap of what to work on:

  • Prepare. Have a plan of attack. This may include working with a Professional Organizer.
  • Empty and Sort. Getting everything outside where you have more room to work will make it that much easier to determine what you have and what to do with it.
  • Purge. Do you really need that old tent with the holes in it?
  • Spruce it up. With your space mostly clear for the time being, now is the time to paint, fix the floor, lights, etc.
  • Build upward. Getting as much as possible off the floor and onto shelves, wall systems, in cabinets, etc, will give you that much more free space. Wouldn’t you like to be able to park your car in your garage?
  • Label Everything. If you’re putting everything in boxes, or behind doors, wouldn’t it be great to know where you put that hammer when you need it?
  • Maintain. Having the tools of organization is only useful to you if you actually use them. Designate homes for things, and be sure to house things where they go. It can be a challenge training you family to do so, but you’ll be glad you did!"

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Garage Storage and Organization - 2013 Trends

Posted by Chris Watkins on Tuesday, 01 Jan 2013 9:58 AM

Happy New Year!  I know, some of you that visit our website and blog, have thought about some type of garage enhancement project, but now that we are in the New Year, the big question is what trend will stand out as the direction of the garage enhancement industry? Will it be to add storage cabinets to your garage, or simply some overhead storage racks? Maybe you just want a nice looking garage floor that is easy to clean.

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Increasingly, we see more customers going for garage lighting upgrades, such as large ceiling overhead replacements or under cabinet lighting.  Other clients, are looking to hide Vacuflow systems and other items they deem unsightly for their overall garage appearance.  We have even helped clients create garage spaces for use as additional business office space, workout rooms, childrens play areas, etc.

OK, so the drum roll then, what is it you ask is the key trend for 2013?  Clearly, the growing trend is not one of the above items, rather it is all of the above.  The fact is, our clients continue to focus on creating a real garage theme to meet additional needs in their household!

Let's face it, the garage is likely the single largest space in today's home.  Adding to that, many homes, built in the last 30 years, lack the storage spaces of yesteryear.  So, homeowners are confronted with a number of challenges, such as growing and aging families that require additional space, to new storage needs and the old garage standard of converting the piles of household "stuff" into neatly stored items that can be retrieved easily when needed.

So the 2013 trend is what we, at Garage Themes, call the full garage makeover.  You have seen it called other things like Man Caves, Garage Mahals, etc.  We have seen a growing client base go for all of the above when it comes to outfitting their garage.  Additionally customers are looking for custom fabrication and unique items to truly customize their garage space to fit their needs.  Ever considered an edge lit display case with color controller to show off your die cast metal car collection?  What about a ceiling mounted motorized storage system to hide those seasonal items that you would like to disappear until the holiday season next year?  How about a garage that fits your sport or hobby passion - like a ski chalet complete with beer bar, wall mural, accent lighting, etc?

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Whether you need a Man Cave (or Women's Club), your garage theme will likely enhance the floor with coating systems or stains, wall treaments and fresh paint, storage systems, such as storeWALL, cabinetry and workbenches.  Add some fresh overhead lighting, workbench lighting and presto, your ultimate garage theme emerges. 

Whatever your garage needs and desires, be assured that 2013 is the year it will happen.

May your garage theme bring in a Happy New Year!

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Garage Cabinets - Redline Garage Gear For Your Garage Theme

Posted by Chris Watkins on Saturday, 22 Sep 2012 6:05 AM

OK, I'm guilty, It's really fun meeting with clients that are looking for a home for their nice cars, afterall, our business was developed with a goal of helping customers build their dream garage theme.  

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Our latest garage cabinet installation teamed the perfect car and cabinets for a great storage and organization combination for a Mustang enthusiast family.

redlinegaragegear mustang resized 600

Afterall, today's garage offers something for everyone - whether your a car or motorcycle enthusiast, a hobbiest or simply need more organization in your life, utilizing Redline Garage Gear cabinets puts a great organization system in your garage or other utility spaces in your home.

Redline Garage Gear offers some key features not found in competing products such as our exclusive 10 gauge steel cabinet mounting rails which mount cabinets on the walls and ensure that no cabinet parts are on concrete where moisture can attack.  Additionally, wall mounted cabinets make it easy to keep the garage floor clean.  With a cabinet design which doesn't require backers, mold and fungus issues between wall and backer spaces are eliminated.  With a lifetime manufacture warranty and your Garage Themes dealer installation, we make it easy to complete your garage organization project in as little as a day with a solution design to last for years to come.

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Garage Storage Racks - Investing in Garage Organization that Works!

Posted by Chris Watkins on Monday, 18 Jun 2012 8:55 AM

Although customers love our our cabinetry and floor coating solutions, like many homeowners, they are always striving for the most cost effective options that provide an effective storage system for their garage.  Not all customer needs are the same with regards to solutions and budgets.

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Our partnership with Diamond Storage Concepts, LLC has been great as they manufacture a range of wall and ceiling mounted storage solutions that have been popular with our customers. In fact, I would have to give the nod to their products which are sold under the Hyloft brand. Using the Hyloft system, we have been able to install a substantial storage platform at a very reasonable price for our customers.

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Complete Garage Makeover - Garage Mahal, Man Cave

Posted by Chris Watkins on Sunday, 18 Mar 2012 5:26 PM

Here are some photos of a recent garage project we performed for a client in Portland, OR.  We have developed considerable expertise in cost effectively remodeling garage interiors.

This project included new Redline Garage Gear storage cabinets, integrated workbench, under cabinet workbench lighting, flourescent upgrades for the main garage lighting, various storage walls, polyaspartic floor coating system and of course a full paint refresh on walls and ceiling.  

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 garage before 2

Above picture was taken before we worked our garage magic.


garage after 2

We like to think the Porsche Carerra 4 lives a much happier existence and of course our client is much happier knowing his Carerra has a new home. Of course the Aprilia roadbike isn't complaining either.


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